Whats all the buzz about?

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6134653740_539918ee10_bWhats all the buzz about?

Known for its legendary hog call, diamond state park, and gruesome mosquitoes, Arkansas is a pretty unique state. From the grand prairie to the Ozark Mountains, one would see an abundance of croplands, bluffs, and mountains. What once was known for its extreme wetlands by the early settlers, has become a get-a-way, settle-down and retire spot for a lot of folks. With the state being located toward the central part of the country, it sees all four season.  Its been said many times by people that have been here for any length of time, “if you don’t like the weather, ‘stick around’ its gonna change.”

But what happens when it doesn’t change? What takes place when the rains hold off and summer heat decides he’s not going anywhere? It’s times like this that you have to be extremely careful, because you will find out real quick “what all the buzz is about!”

Wasps are everywhere. From the mail box to the front door, out the back door and toward your next door neighbor, they have found plenty of nesting spots. You must know every one of them if your going to keep from getting stung, or much worse sent to the ER. So, why all of a sudden are there more wasp nests? Why have wasps started poping up at every corner? Here is the reason. When the weather patterns have changed and there are no rain clouds in site, you can bet there will be bigger, more occurring, wasps nests! With the rain gone, the wasps expand their territory and many build nests in bushes, trees, benches, playground equipment, fences, and etc. Normally a fair amount of rain will deter wasp from building there nests out in the open. With very little rainfall anything is fair game. When this happens, it is important that homeowners keep a close watch on there surroundings. If you’re a parent then you need to pay particular attention to the upcoming trend. It may last for awhile or it may change overnight. One thing is for sure, you can’t afford those little ones to get stung. Many of nests range from a few wasps on up toward a hundred wasps on a single nest. They are there, and they are waiting for that very second for you to walk by and brush up against that bush. Any late-summer flower bed work could easily turn into a nightmare. It’s times like this that you need to be smart. Be on guard of wasp nests. Scope everything out before you plunge into outdoor activities. Keep an epi pen close by and always stay ready for a wasp attack. You will encounter them at some point or another. Always inspect before working or playing. When in doubt, wait it out. And by this statement, I mean cold weather will return and you can go back to living a care free life…

Below are just a few helpful tips to keep you aware and safe.

  • Wasp should only be handled by a trained professional.
  • Wasp like water. If you have a pool or pond your wasp factor just went up. Even a window unit drip will attract them!
  • Wasps can be found on the nest in very early morning hours. They’re less active, meaning less aggressive. Even rain will make them hang on to their nests longer.
  • Cooler days will make wasps less active though they can still be aggressive.
  • Keep wasp spray handy during spring, summer, and fall months.
  • Wasps can still sting once dead.
  • Due to unique nest locations, treatment methods may vary.
  • Eliminate any standing water to keep wasp from building so close to structures.
  • Inspect playground equipment before turning children lose to play.
  • Keep an Epi pen in case of reaction of wasp sting.
  • Remove old nests to keep from reoccurring wasp.


Taking these quick steps or tips will help insure you have a safe and enjoyable summer!!!


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