One of the most notorious house invaders known to man is the spider. With intimidating fangs and beady eyes, they strike fear into some of the most fearless men. Some spiders pose a serious health risk. One bite from a poisoness spider can lead to sever neurological effects or excessive skin deterioration. Depending on which type of spiders you have you may be putting you and your family at risk. Some to pay particular attention to are listed below.


Black Widow spider

The black widow spider is one of the most lethal spiders found in and around the home. As pictured here on the right, they are shiny black with red markings on the abdomen. The striking red markings are the best way to distinguish the black widow. The red markings are in the shape of an hour glass and this is a good indicator that you have the black widow spider. While most will hide when being approached, don’t mistake this spider for a friend because when cornered up he won’t hesitate to bite. Call us at (501)843-4468


Brown Recluse spider

The brown recluse spider is probably one of the most frequent spiders that infest the home. They get their name from their social tendencies to hide and have a reclusive nature. This venom injected from this spider bite can cause serious deterioration of the skin. The brown recluse may be found in corners of closest, boots, and under dresser drawers. Basically any where they can stay hidden. If you are seeing brown recluse spiders give us a call and let us handle them. (501)843-4468


Give us a call and let us handle these spiders (501)843-4468