Several rodents come to mind when you bring up the words scurry and home. These particular rodents can play host to many different types of diseases. Not only do they put your health at risk but also your home. The word “rodent” in fact means “to gnaw.” If youve ever had mice or rats then you know all to well how much damage they can do when left untreated.

House Mouse mouse rodent

The house mouse is the number one rodent pest in all parts of the country. They build nests up to 6 inches in diameter. They normally travel less than 20 to 30 feet traveling along borders. They’re quite the curious rodent, getting into new things. The average mouse may eat up to 3 grams of food per day. They have a tendency to nibble which makes their destructiveness quite large, meaning they ruin everything. They carry diseases and that can always pose a health risk. If you have seen the house mouse Call us at (501)843-4468.


Norway Rat rat norway rat rodent

The Norway Rat, aka. the brown rat, has a color that ranges from brown to dark grey. Their size ranges from 4 to 10 inches and longer. One of the main differences that separates the Roof rat and the Norway Rat is the blunt nose structure of the Norway. Another distinction is the ears are smaller on the Norway Rat. The Norway Rat will have a tail that is shorter than his head and body. The Norway Rat has burrowing capabilities. They are commonly found at ground level and under crawl spaces. This rat can cause major destruction in and around the home. If you have seen the Norway Rat Call us at (501)843-4468.



Roof Rat rodent rat roof rat

The roof rat, also known as the black rat, ranges in lengths of 13 to 18 inches. Historically, it made itself known from the middle ages to carry the black plague. This rat can range in color from black-grey to brown. These rats can be very destructive in and around the home. one major difference in body makeup from the norway rat is the roof rat has a longer tail than its body. It also has a narrow pointed nose and large flimsy ears.  Roof Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. Roof Rats are good climbers and will travel utility lines and fences that can possibly give them entrance. Roof Rats will nest in garbage bins, trees, plants, and also in attics. They do not burrow. If you have seen the Roof Rat Call us at (501)843-4468.


Both the Norway and the Roof Rats are keen, clever, and swift. These traits can make it difficult for home owners to rid their homes or commercial properties of problems. Allowing one of our trained professionals to come access the situation will put you on right track to solving all your rodent problems.


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