Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment.

If you’ve ever experienced bed bugs you know its a problem that can be life altering and a our bed bug treatment may just be your one escape. There’s know doubt that the bedBed Bug Treatment bug is one, if not the most, difficult to eradicate bugs. While bed bugs are not known to carry any diseases, these blood sucking pests can make even the toughest people cringe. Many people go days and even weeks before determining what has been causing their problem.

We here at Cabot Exterminating believe a thermal treatment combined with special insecticides is the most effective way to treat bed bugs. Studies show that once the environment surrounding the bed bug has reached optimum temperatures it poses a lethal threat to the entire life cycle of the bed bug including eggs.

Insecticides are used not as much to kill bed bugs in the thermal treatment but to aid in the prevention of future reinfestations. Bed bug treatmentCabot Exterminating will use an IPM approach to treat bed bugs. If you or someone you know are experiencing bed bugs give us a call at (501)843-4468.



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